A Coconut Named Bob

          One June day almost four years ago, I sat in a white chair in a small condo overlooking the pacific. The day was bright and humid. I breathed in the clean ocean air, sighed and began to write…

       “Bob floated on the sea for many days until one afternoon when the sun was high in the sky, an island the size of a pea appeared on the horizon.


     By the time the sun was setting, it was the size of a pancake; and by the next morning, Bob could see that it was a very beautiful little island because  he was resting on its beach. He didn’t know how to feel. His boy was lost, he was alone on a strange island, and something green was growing out of his shell. Though he didn’t know it, Bob was becoming a tree."

      And that is how a Coconut Named got his start…..

     I hope you enjoy,

Austin Weaver

A Coconut Named Bob


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